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The Case for Identifying Family Caregivers on Medical Records

Suzanne Mintz

Across the chronic care continuum there are only two people who are consistently present, a patient and that person’s family caregiver. Family caregivers are acknowledged as the nation’s primary providers of long-term care, but they are not equally acknowledged as primary providers of their loved one’s non-acute healthcare needs. Family caregivers are like undocumented workers, […]

On the Ground

The Neurology Appointment: Why Provider Communication Matters to Dementia Patients and their Caregivers

MaryAnne Sterling

For those of us with a parent or spouse with dementia, the healthcare community’s lack of understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias is nothing new. The inability of healthcare professionals to communicate effectively with dementia patients and their families is also typical. But in light of a stunning experience that my in-laws recently had […]