Developing Principles of Patient-Centered Measurement


The project’s purpose is to explore and understand how to make health care performance measurement more patient-centered. This work will advance the fields of patient engagement and performance measurement by identifying measurement principles meaningful to patients and caregivers that promote better health, better care, and lower costs.

Jointly funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the California Healthcare Foundation, the AIR team will conduct public deliberations with diverse members of the public and hold a convening of wide-ranging stakeholders to understand the critical elements of “patient-centered” measurement.  As part of the planning for the public deliberations and convening, we will conduct KIIs and an environmental scan of relevant literature and web content. The project’s main product will be a set of actionable principles for patient-centered measurement and include key interst areas such as encompassing patient interest and goals, using patient-reported outcome measures, and connecting the health care system with communities and community-related services. We also will develop accompanying recommendations for structuring multi-site pilots to test patient-centered measurement principles in real-world settings. 


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