Increasing Relevancy and Use of Maternity Care Public Reports

Key AIR Staff: Maureen Maurer, M.P.H.

For this study, AIR investigated how to improve the salience and efficacy of public reports, focusing on a maternity care population. A number of studies suggest that consumers’ infrequent use of public reports of health care quality and resource use is due to reports’ poor design, irrelevant content, and inadequate dissemination, rather than a lack of consumer interest. Effective public reports need to provide consumers with transparent, timely information they can trust to help inform their conversations with providers and payers and guide their health care decisions. Through an AHRQ Building the Science of Public Reporting grant, AIR developed and evaluated an intervention to help pregnant women better understand and more effectively use maternity care quality information. The intervention was assessed via a randomized experiment to identify the extent to which it improves knowledge, patient activation, and adoption of new behaviors related to using quality information. Lessons learned from this study will help inform future public reporting initiatives.

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