Measuring Patient and Family Engagement in the Hospital Setting

Key AIR Staff: Pam Dardess, M.P.H.

AIR is leading work for the Moore Foundation to develop a coordinated approach to measuring patient and family engagement in the hospital setting, providing a foundation for the development of reliable measures and tools that can be used to assess performance and progress, identify areas for improvement, demonstrate accountability to standards of care, and inform reimbursement in payment-incentive programs. Using Carman and colleagues’ Patient and Family Engagement Framework as an organizing conceptual model, the work of the project includes

  1. creating an implementation framework delineating critical elements of engagement in the hospital setting,
  2. developing a “family” of measure concepts that reflects candidate topics for future measure development,
  3. conducting a gap analysis between proposed measure concepts and current available instruments, and
  4. developing a measurement roadmap that lays a clear course for future measure development.

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