Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement

For this project, AIR supported the Moore Foundation in planning and conducting a convening of key stakeholders in the field of patient and family engagement, including patients, families, caregivers, clinicians, health systems, employers, insurers, funders, and researchers. The purpose of the convening was to develop an overarching, executable vision for the field that addresses current gaps in research, practice, policy, and measurement and identifies opportunities and priorities for the future. The resulting Roadmap for Patient and Family Engagement in Healthcare Practice and Research serves as a call to action and lays the path to broader patient and family engagement by providing specific strategies that are generalizable, usable, effective, executable, sustainable, and scalable. Currently being applied by many health care, funding, and advocacy organizations, the Roadmap serves as a call to action for anyone interested in advancing work related to patient and family engagement.

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