Supporting Health Care Reporting for MONARHQ

AIR is working under subcontract to Pantheon to provide AHRQ with research and support services for MONAHRQ

My Own Network, Powered by AHRQ. MONAHRQ is a desktop software tool that enables organizations such as state and local data organizations, regional reporting collaborative, hospitals and hospital systems, and health plans to quickly and easily generate a health care reporting website. 

For this work, AIR is developing and testing content for consumers, such as plain language quality measure labels and descriptions, displays of quality and cost, and educational materials to guide and engage consumers; conducting usability testing of MONAHRQ websites with consumers; reviewing and providing recommendations for quality and cost measures for inclusion in MONAHRQ reporting; and writing white papers/feasibility assessments on such topics as:  producing a consumer-focused comparative health care quality website; engaging women in comparative hospital performance information about maternity care; public reporting of physician quality data; effective ways to display cost-related data along with quality information; optimizing the MONAHRQ website for mobile viewing; and use of comparators in public reporting of health care quality data.

Currently, a MONAHRQ-generated website can provide information on hospital quality; hospital utilization, rates, and costs; potentially avoidable hospital stays; and county utilization, rates and costs of hospital use. MONAHRQ is used by several states for public quality reporting. 

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